Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Coffee at Straits Club Restaurant and Bar made by Lee.

Some may know, the time after a nice dinner, or when your day is about to start, or in the afternoon, when you're craving for a nice shot of espresso, a Latte, a Cappucino, Machiatto or the like. Look no further. On most days or evenings, except Sunday (his day off) we've got Lee behind the handles of coffee bliss.

So, we may wonder, what should be a good coffee then? Lee gave his thoughts which are summarized below: has bitterness but is not burnt.'s smooth and does not drink like sand paper (If you ever came across a bad coffee, you'll know what       we mean)
...After drinking one, you want more.

And he will make a coffee for you with skill and a smile. How? We begin here.

Meet Lee...

Lee, always there for a good coffee and a nice chat

And so we'll start with grinding the coffee beans. Lee explains to use only the best beans you can afford to buy. Average beans means average coffee, simple as that.

The coffee beans has to be ground at the last minute

We should highlight that he is demonstrating the makings of a 'Latte', which is the most popular style of coffee served here. For this you start with one shot of espresso. Now, many of us may think that espresso is simply just that, a shot of fairly strong coffee. Wrong. A good espresso has, what Lee calls, foam on top. Like this.

A proper shot of espresso

The next step is the milk, foamed to a very smooth consistency. How? This, got explained as being a combination of fresh milk and skill. You'll have to use fresh milk, no manufactured full cream, low fat or any other in that category . Skill? Well, here he suddenly started to become very secretive, so, we assume it's quite an exact job that can only be done right after many times of trying and testing.

Foaming the milk

What's is left to do now is pouring the foamed milk into the espresso, kind of carefully, though, and you will be smiling, it's ready! Lee added that a good foam is light and smooth, but somehow dense enough so that a cube of sugar will remain floating on top of the surface for some time.

It should stay like this for at least 5 seconds

We say thank you very much to Lee for his explanations and his coffee. You only need to guess once who drunk this one in the pictures. 

That's right.....

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