Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Story of JJ at Straits Club.

JJ:                   'Woof, woof'.
Service staff:   'JJ.....'
JJ:                   'Woof, woof.......woof'
Service staff:   'JJJ.......JJJJ  !!!'
JJ:                   'Woof, woof.......woof, woof'
Service staff:   (Takes a long and thin stick, walks briskly to JJ, and sais) 'SSHHHH!!!!'

*We should highlight here that we do not whack JJ, but he somehow understands that he has to quit barking, when shown the stick. This lasts only 10 minutes, though, and he'll start again.

Let us introduce JJ....

JJ, Straits Club pet resident

JJ has been brought in from Penang, where he was the resident pet of Straits Collection, our sister property there. He loves, admires and sometimes is in dire need, of attention. Most of the time a pat on the back is enough but a walk around Temple Tree will, for sure, make him happy. 

The staff at Straits Club take care of him very well and so does the people of Langkawi Lassie, who ensure he stays happy and healthy.

Temple Tree and Straits Club Restaurant & Bar were build in order to allow Langkawi Lassie to expand and continue doing their hard work of taking care of the pets and stray animals of Langkawi. Profits of Temple Tree and Straits Club will go to this charity.

For more details about Langkawi Lassie, check out:

We hope JJ will be with us for many years to come, but please......

it would be very welcome if he relaxes a bit more often....

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