Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Cats of Straits Club Restaurant and Bar

Let us introduce....

Tofu, acts like a beauty queen and shows that she's proud of her appearance.

Alex, trouble maker, never fails to annoy JJ (our resident dog).

Lucky, always the first one to hang around the kitchen when our chef is cooking.

Langkawi, 2nd in line, after 'Lucky' but only when our chef cooks chicken.

They're all part of the Straits Club family and are around. It gives the Eurasian house a very homely feel. Do not worry, they won't steal your fish and are, in fact, very discreet, as cats can very well be.

How do all these cats end up here, you may wonder. Temple Tree Resort and its restaurant Straits Club are closely related to LASSIE, the charity organization that ensures that Langkawi's stray cats and dogs are well taken care of. They just launched their new website:

Part of the profits will go to Langkawi Lassie to ensure continuation of this good cause.