Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Name of Temple Tree

Straits Club Restaurant and Bar is synonymous with Temple Tree. Known for its heritage chic and colonial charm, the resort took its name from the Datuk Kong Temple which is located right beside the 110 pool, within the Temple Tree property.

Before, in the pre-islamic days, this temple was used by the Malays, Indians and Chinese to worship the Datos and Keremats, which were seen as an alternative power to help in spiritual healing and protection. You could say they're spirits.

An old picture of the temple, notice the bananas inside on the left.

There are many of such temples throughout Malaysia but this one is not typical. Due to the Islamic nature of the Datos, one would not ever use pork, beer, wine and other alcoholic products as an offering. There is a discreet back entrance to the temple, as well. This is for the locals who continue to do offerings and some prayers.

The tree here is no ordinary one. Inside its base 
grows a palm tree, which kind of makes it two in one.

Inside the temple.

 The year of the rabbit is coming and we wish everybody a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Table by the Poolside.

It's dry, the rain has dissepeared and so we've put up some extra tables outside now, beside the pool. They've proven to be more popular than the tables at the verandah.

The mozzies have decided to take it easy, as well, for the time being. So we would almost say, enjoy while you still can. But no, when they return we'll take care of that. 

Specially for the evening we've put plenty of candles around, which makes it kind of romantic, if you like but for sure you can look forward for beautifull evening at Straits Club.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Another Wine Dinner.

We are inviting you once again for our Wine Dinner, which, as you may know, we normally do on Friday's but more often than not do we decide to do one on Saturday, as well.

So, for tonight, this is what we'll do:

For bookings:

T 04 9553937
M 012 4302442

 Beef Brisket braised in Tomatoes and Masalla Spices

We hope to welcome you......

Sunday, January 16, 2011

As It Happens.

Talking of a dinner at Chinese House, we just did one.

We set up the table, upstairs, on the verandah. The dry season seems to have started in Langkawi but there was still a nice and very welcome breeze. We were really trying hard to capture this nice setting in a good picture.....we said, we tried. But take our word for it, as well.

 We've set up the table upstairs on the verandah, the view from
here is very nice

This was the menu for the evening:

Once the guest were seated, the kitchen made a start with the entrees.

Blue Swimmer Crab Tortellini, Pomelo and Cashews, Red 
Curry Dressing

The chef decided to give the menu a slightly Thai twist. Red curry goes well with most seafoods and the pomelo gives the dish a hint of bitter and sour flavours.

Entrees cleared, now the guest were ready for main course.

Beef Fillet stuffed with Spiced Coconut, Potato and Thyme 
Galette, Spinach and Cumin Puree

The beef was cooked medium rare, juicy and full of flavour from the stuffing. Pine nuts may not fit the Thai theme, but the chef just like them a lot and can not always resist to keep them of the dish.

Chinese House has 2 entry doors, one main at the front but we always use this one at the back. This entry also happens to be very near the kitchen.

Our Restaurant Manager, Nizam, serving the 
main courses

And then....dessert.

Roasted Pineapple, Papaya and Lychees, Kaffir Lime and
Vietnamese Mint, Champagne Granita

This dish gives the much needed refreshments after the flavourfull main course.

And so did this evening came to an end, for here.

At Temple Tree we got quite a few nice locations for a very special evening for you. If you are interested, probably the best thing to do is to drop by and inquire with one of our service staff. We're more than happy to show you around. Otherwise:

T 04 9553937

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Something Special at Chinese House?

Straits Club Restaurant and Bar is surrounded by heritage houses which are all part of Temple Tree. Not everyone of us will have the privilege to be able to stay there but, what's certainly possible, is to have a very special dinner there.

Two houses in particular are very suitable. One is called  Black & White and the other is named Chinese House. This last one has wide verandas overlooking the lagoon and you are able to experience, what's arguably, the best sunset here.

 Chinese House, on the right, overlooks the 110 pool and the lagoon.

This house is about 100 years old and build by a Chinese family in Batu Pahat, Johor. It used to be an farm house there.

Chinese House, before, at its former location.

As with all other houses, this property got deconstructed piece by piece, shipped to Langkawi and then build up again to its former glory.

Under construction

A dinning space with a story......

If you are interested to enjoy a dinning experience in Chinese House, contact us and we are more than willing to do something very special.

Friday, January 7, 2011

2011 and its Beginnings.

So here we are then, 2011.

This year we do have plenty of plans to push Straits Club forward. Our new menu has been on now for almost a month and is doing fine. We are already working on new specials for our black board, with a dessert special being a permanent feature. So, even if you had a nice dinner somewhere else but are on the search for a place for a nice dessert, you know where to find us.

Later in this blog we will do some writing on a dinner you could have at one of the houses at Temple Tree. Provided they are not occupied, we will be able to do a special dinner.

Our wine dinner remains and, in fact, tomorrow we've decided to do one, as well. Here the menu you can expect:

For bookings:

T 04 9553937

... and there is more to come this year. Watch this blog.