Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Story About Eurasian House.

The house where Straits Club is located in is called 'Eurasian House'. It was the first building to be build at the site of Temple Tree. As with all other structures here, this one also got transported from another part of Malaysia and then it got reassembled at its current location.

The house at its old location in Penang

Its former location was 114 York Road on Penang island. Build in the 1920's by a Eurasian family, it was named 'Bahagia',one of its translations of this being 'happy'. Later on it was sold to a Malay family who lived in this house for a while. And then, a few years ago, Bon Ton purchased it from them and so now its our home, if you like.

Eurasian House, just after completion

This house has a number of spacious rooms and wide verandahs. On the high end of the walls are beautiful carvings that besides being nice looking also ensures air circulation throughout the house. That combined with high ceilings means that the internal spaces don't get to hot and especially when there is a bit of wind it will give it a breezy feel.

One of the verandahs, used as a dinning space

Eurasian House has a pool room with flat screen TV, a library, the reception for Temple Tree, a bar and a restaurant. At the back of the building are the old staff quarters which are converted into a housekeeping department and the restaurant kitchen.

TempleTree Reception

Straits Club Restaurant and Bar can cater up to 25 persons comfortably for a lunch or dinner. We've got tables set up at the verandah, bar area, inside most rooms and outside at  the poolside.

Straits Club Bar

You're welcome to experience our 'home' any of the 7 days a week from 10.30am to late, though the kitchen closes at 10.30pm.

See you then...

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