Sunday, January 9, 2011

Something Special at Chinese House?

Straits Club Restaurant and Bar is surrounded by heritage houses which are all part of Temple Tree. Not everyone of us will have the privilege to be able to stay there but, what's certainly possible, is to have a very special dinner there.

Two houses in particular are very suitable. One is called  Black & White and the other is named Chinese House. This last one has wide verandas overlooking the lagoon and you are able to experience, what's arguably, the best sunset here.

 Chinese House, on the right, overlooks the 110 pool and the lagoon.

This house is about 100 years old and build by a Chinese family in Batu Pahat, Johor. It used to be an farm house there.

Chinese House, before, at its former location.

As with all other houses, this property got deconstructed piece by piece, shipped to Langkawi and then build up again to its former glory.

Under construction

A dinning space with a story......

If you are interested to enjoy a dinning experience in Chinese House, contact us and we are more than willing to do something very special.

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