Sunday, January 16, 2011

As It Happens.

Talking of a dinner at Chinese House, we just did one.

We set up the table, upstairs, on the verandah. The dry season seems to have started in Langkawi but there was still a nice and very welcome breeze. We were really trying hard to capture this nice setting in a good picture.....we said, we tried. But take our word for it, as well.

 We've set up the table upstairs on the verandah, the view from
here is very nice

This was the menu for the evening:

Once the guest were seated, the kitchen made a start with the entrees.

Blue Swimmer Crab Tortellini, Pomelo and Cashews, Red 
Curry Dressing

The chef decided to give the menu a slightly Thai twist. Red curry goes well with most seafoods and the pomelo gives the dish a hint of bitter and sour flavours.

Entrees cleared, now the guest were ready for main course.

Beef Fillet stuffed with Spiced Coconut, Potato and Thyme 
Galette, Spinach and Cumin Puree

The beef was cooked medium rare, juicy and full of flavour from the stuffing. Pine nuts may not fit the Thai theme, but the chef just like them a lot and can not always resist to keep them of the dish.

Chinese House has 2 entry doors, one main at the front but we always use this one at the back. This entry also happens to be very near the kitchen.

Our Restaurant Manager, Nizam, serving the 
main courses

And then....dessert.

Roasted Pineapple, Papaya and Lychees, Kaffir Lime and
Vietnamese Mint, Champagne Granita

This dish gives the much needed refreshments after the flavourfull main course.

And so did this evening came to an end, for here.

At Temple Tree we got quite a few nice locations for a very special evening for you. If you are interested, probably the best thing to do is to drop by and inquire with one of our service staff. We're more than happy to show you around. Otherwise:

T 04 9553937

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  1. Dear Anna,
    dear Bon Ton and Temple Tree Team!

    back in germany we are longing to come back to you as soon as possible! Thank You for the wonderful last days of our holidays at Temple Tree!!!

    Michaela & Frank