Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Name of Temple Tree

Straits Club Restaurant and Bar is synonymous with Temple Tree. Known for its heritage chic and colonial charm, the resort took its name from the Datuk Kong Temple which is located right beside the 110 pool, within the Temple Tree property.

Before, in the pre-islamic days, this temple was used by the Malays, Indians and Chinese to worship the Datos and Keremats, which were seen as an alternative power to help in spiritual healing and protection. You could say they're spirits.

An old picture of the temple, notice the bananas inside on the left.

There are many of such temples throughout Malaysia but this one is not typical. Due to the Islamic nature of the Datos, one would not ever use pork, beer, wine and other alcoholic products as an offering. There is a discreet back entrance to the temple, as well. This is for the locals who continue to do offerings and some prayers.

The tree here is no ordinary one. Inside its base 
grows a palm tree, which kind of makes it two in one.

Inside the temple.

 The year of the rabbit is coming and we wish everybody a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year!

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