Friday, January 7, 2011

2011 and its Beginnings.

So here we are then, 2011.

This year we do have plenty of plans to push Straits Club forward. Our new menu has been on now for almost a month and is doing fine. We are already working on new specials for our black board, with a dessert special being a permanent feature. So, even if you had a nice dinner somewhere else but are on the search for a place for a nice dessert, you know where to find us.

Later in this blog we will do some writing on a dinner you could have at one of the houses at Temple Tree. Provided they are not occupied, we will be able to do a special dinner.

Our wine dinner remains and, in fact, tomorrow we've decided to do one, as well. Here the menu you can expect:

For bookings:

T 04 9553937

... and there is more to come this year. Watch this blog.

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