Friday, December 3, 2010

Some More Stories of Eurasian House.

We just came across some old pictures of the construction of Eurasian House. As mentioned in a previous post, this was the very first building to be erected on the the site, that is now Temple Tree.

 This is looking at the entrance of Straits Club

Just imagine seeing an old house somewhere in Penang and that you want to take it to Langkawi to enjoy the building in its former glory.

What to do, what to do?

This house was first carefully deconstructed and each piece of wood was marked. They also took a lot of pictures, which helped a lot with the reconstruction of the building in the correct way.

This is looking to the back of Eurasian House

And then, with the help of a local architect, a team of construction workers and its leader, a plumber and an electrician, they started with rebuilding the house, piece by piece. Eurasian House has been kept rustic which gives the building a lot of charm.

Not too long ago we're visited by the former owners of this house and after a fairly close inspection they mentioned that the house looked very much the same as a way. We get many visitors who just come to have a look. And they don't take picture of the house only.....

.....but also the residents.

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