Thursday, December 2, 2010

And Then There was a Sign board.

A new month has begun and since a few days we've got a nice sign board for Straits Club Restaurant and Bar (and also Temple Tree).

Straits Club Restaurant and Bar

You'll see the Straits Club signage when you come from Pantai Cenang, this is before you get to Bon Ton resort, which 200 meters further down the road.

Temple Tree

This, you'll see when you come from the airport.

Cars drive an average of 80 km/h on this stretch of the road, if you're one of them......slow down.....and if you got some spare time, feeling peckish or just want to have a sip of one of those nice cocktails or, say, Lee's coffee, drop by. You'll know where to find us now.....


  1. It's almost pitch black at night! I have stayed there 2 twice and i still missing turn off! :-P

    But i must say, nice drinks and great people. Do say Hi to Dennis.


  2. Goodday Jeremy,

    The lighting is under way and it should be a lot brighter at night there.

    Thanks for your feedback.


    Straits Club Restaurant and Bar